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Hello everyone!
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Figured I should make it free to use for everyone.
If you wish, I can do it for you for 5$ via paypal ♥

[b]You can[/b]
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[b]You HAVE to[/b]
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No matter how much you change the base.
This is so everyone can get a chance to use it. 💞

You can get the psd file by pressing the download button
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The introduction

The land of the Kathfurins is not on an island nor on their own planet.
They're right here in your world on earth. In the forests and fields away from civilization.
Their community work without technology and the only magic is from the priests and the Goddess Baeya
They have jobs, they have trials, they live their life but not in ignorance.
The kathfurins know of other civilizations and their community. They all know of the big cities and the fancy technology.
Some Kathfurins even move out from their tribe to involve themselves in the big cities, getting their own lives there.

The Tribes

There's three tribes of the Kathfurin's in your world.
South, North, Tropical.
Or as they call themselves Sauthers, Asgaards, Ali'is


The kathfurin tribe Ali'i have settled on the big island Hawai'i

They use leaves, shells, pearls and vines for armor and weapons
They are the most peaceful folk of the three tribes.

Their traditions involve praise, having respect for the living creatures both in the sea and on the land.
Ali'is welcome in anyone wanting to see their tribe and visit now and again.

The Ali'i kathfurins are very agile and flexible tree climbers and unbeaten fishers.

They have cocoon shaped houses hanging from the tall Banyan trees. The cocoons are made out of wrapped leaves, vines and mud.
Some decorate their living places in pearls.


The kathfurin Tribe Asgaard have settled in the forests up north on the big island Jylland in Denmark

They use the pelt, skin and bones from animals for their armor
They mine ores and get stone for their weapons
The Asgaards are the most barbaric, but respected of the three tribes.

Their traditions involve dominance and overcoming ones fears.
By smearing the blood of their foes on their fur and going hunting is the Asgaards way of showing fearlessness.
Asgaards invite and test the other species whom wants to visit by taking them hunting and show them how to fight and skin animals.

The Asgaard kathfurins are the best travelers, they travel to Canada and Russia on their hunting sprees
They would beat anyone in a hunting competition

They house themselves in caves or selfmade tall mounds
where they put up protection with dangling bones and spikes out in the front of their skinmade 'doors'


The kathfurin tribe Sauther have settled in USA Kentucky

They use cloth and leather for armor
Flint and steel are used for their weapons
The Sauthers are the most civilized of the three tribes.

Their traditions involve food and survival.
The young Kathfurins will bake/cook their very first meal without their mother's help when they turn 15 aswell as living without their mother's help and care for a week to show that they've jumped to adulthood and can take care of themselves.
Sauthers usually have friends from the big cities that visit the kathfurins frequently to taste their good cooking and live without techonology.

Sauther kathfurins have small farms that they get their products from, but the Sauthers secret trick to huge vegetables is their most wellknown trait

Their village houses are made out of hard mud and hay
usually decorated with flowers and colourful stones around the house and on the walls





It's their job to make sure there's enough resources for upgrading and repairing both houses, armor and weapons.
Ali'is gather shells, vines, pearls, leaves and other material for their smithers.
Asgaards gather sticks, trees, rocks and left over animal carcasses from other prey for their smithers.
Sauthers gather sticks, logs, rocks and all kinds of berries back to their smithers and feast settlers.


It's their job to grow plants, vegetables, fruits and berries so the tribe doesnt go hungry.
Ali'is climb trees to get coconuts, fruits, nuts and berries aswell as burrying seeds on their farms to give to Feast Settlers
Asgaards run around to get berries, fruits, plants for medicine aswell as burrying seeds and the like on their farms to give to Feast Settlers and Priests
Sauthers have farms full of wheat, vegetables and fruit that they harvest and gather to give to their Feast settlers


It's their job to hunt prey and making sure there's enough meat on the table.
Ali'is hunt for small animals and go fishing for weeks until they return with a successful feast that their Feast Settler can use
Asgaards travel the world to hunt for large animals that they can use for their weapons, armor and food.their game goes to Feast Settlers and Smithers
Sauthers go deep into the forest for days if not just hours to hunt for animals that their Feast Settlers make into great dinner


It's their job to make weapons, armor, houses aswell as repairing everything
Ali'is use the material given to them to make hunting weapons, houses and furniture. They also make tools for the kathfurins to use on their different jobs
Asgaards make hunting weapons, protection weapons, tools for sacrifices, building, gathering, farming, feast settlers. They also help with houses
Sauthers mostly make farming, baking and cooking tools for their folk. They repair and help build homes and occasionally make hunting weapons if needed


It's their job to take care of the Kathfurin children while the others work
Ali'is take care of the children, other species children and makes visitors feel welcome aswell as schooling those who need it, no matter the age
Asgaards teach the tribes children to hunt and be fearless. They chase away predators from their territory and help out in any job they can
Sauthers school, socialize and help the tribe's children. They help make food, medicine and houses for the other kathfurin's.

Feast settler

Food, food, food!
Ali'is make food into a magnificent feast for the goddess and the tribe's folk. Huge feast is made for visitors aswell as food for the hungry and poor
Asgaards use the materials given to them to make dinner for the whole tribe. They give the bones and the unedible waste to their Smithers
Sauthers cook and bake for the whole tribe aswell as making sure there's enough to survive for weeks. The cooking never stops!


There's maximum 2 priests in one tribe. Priests have the ability to communicate with the goddess Baeya aswell as heal with magical powers
Ali'is priests make medicine and help the wounded aswell as giving advice to outsiders and the folk around them. Wise people.
Asgaards make medicine, bandages and blesses their hunters before the big hunt. They bless children and care for the sick. Asgaard priests are blind.
Sauthers pray to the god Baeya every morning for hours before going out to help the wounded and sick Kathfurin's. They send carepackages to the big cities

Kathfurin traditions and trials

No matter which tribe you may come from, the kathfurin has these traditions they do every year.

Wishing Day

it is much like Christmas Day, only they do not celebrate jesus.

The kathfurin celebrates Wishing Day the 24th of December
the day before Wishing Day, they will spend the morning and the night wishing and praying to the goddess Baeya for whatever they desire.
A new shovel, some pets, a stone, happy farming days, whatever it may be

On Wishing Day, the tribes will exchange gifts with their loved ones, family and friends.
The Goddess Baeya will leave each Tribe 1 big gift to all of them.

Ali'is usually get shiney big shells for their houses and shields
Asgaards would get animals they can use for a massive feast
Sauthers would get magical waters from their rivers to grow their crops with

The Preperation

Very special week event for the Kathfurin people who wish to bear child

The preperation lands 1stMarch - 7thMarch

Here the goddess Baeya will visit her throne in Caracol to celebrate and prepare the excited kathfurins for their special days.

The preparation is all about preparing for a child, so the self-chosen kathfurins gather around to meet their Goddess,
whom will wish them luck as they adventure out to The 5 Trials which they need to be successful in to gain the ability to bear pure children
(Kathfurin species are female only. A pureblood Kathfurin has to be granted by their goddess)

First Trial 1stmarch


Second Trial 2ndmarch


Third Trial 3rdmarch


Forth Trial 4th march


Last Trial 5thmarch



My name is Reth. I go by either Rethy, Rethiona or Rethio.

I love expressing my ways in art.
Creativity, consentration and sharing what I have.

I've gone through some difficulties and I am only now getting back on my feet.

I would gladly make you a DP if that is what you wish for. (Furries only)

I love the guy in my life who you're going to see a LOT of pictures of in one big collection. ~I love you~

Friends, couples, single, you name it and I will do my best to satisfy your creative-needs.

I thank everyone for supporting me through the times and making it possible for me to grow older and live my life without stress and depression.

And to those who have just met me; Hello there. Thank you for commenting, liking, favouriting - just in all supporting my work. I am very greatful for that. So cheer for yourself and feel good, you're helping me.


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