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How to fix your Wacom's wobbly lines. :iconelsakroese:ElsaKroese 923 138
Commissions! (Updated)

★ Prices are final and non-negotiable. Please do not ask. ★

Butts / Chests
★ Color - $10 ★
NOTE: This only comes in color. This is mostly for IMVU users, as you will get a DP sized version of a butt or chest. (160x220)
★ Cell Shade - $16 USD ★
★ Full Color - $21 USD ★

Bust / Portrait

★ Cell Shade - $21 USD ★
★ Full Color - $36 USD ★
NOTE: This will be from the head of your character down to the middle/full chest area.


★ Cell Shade - $21 USD ★
★ Full Color - $36 USD ★
★ Cutie Mark Design - +$10 USD ★
NOTE: This will be a full body of your MLP character. I can design a cutie
:iconrobotsu:Robotsu 7 7
Emilee Reference 2017 :iconieksa:Ieksa 19 7
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How to make a Arcanus [semi open species]

Edit: some minor rule changes.
Yesyes they are a semi open species now. ;D
I realized it was more important to me to have a fun community and share my species.
I mean there are so many loving people out there who would make a great addition to the community,
and simply don't have the money to buy one or the skill/luck to win a DTA.
So making this a closed species just.. didn't make sense to me?
Why I made this a closed species in the first place is because i want to moderate all the designs that get made.
I now found a way around it by simply restricting what traits and ranks may be used, and all the arcanus will
still have to be registered at the masterlist to be announced as official.
About the species :
The group:

Step one :             
:iconvelkss:Velkss 359 172
2017 - Commission Prices :iconjhonskii:Jhonskii 60 4



I am an 18 year old girl, living in her own apartment with a british lad (Who cannot get work until he's done with language school). 
I am currently in therapy so I can get treatment for my extreme social anxiety. 
I am soon to be diagnosed with my therapist having the suspicion of PTSD included with my anxiety and stress. 
I am unable to get work until I am fully recovered or atleast on medication, and my bills are looking a bit high the upcoming month.

Denmark's healthcare system does so I get 6000KR every month, which is enough for my apartment bill which is 4350KR.

Alas, my electricity and WiFi bill is seperate and very large. 
800KR every third month for the internet
and 1000KR+ every third month for electricity.
Currently my mother and family is helping supplying me with food and the like, but we don't really have enough money going around so that I can get rid of the huge upcoming bill.
I am feeding two people plus a cat. Been trying to sell as much of my furniture as possible.

My usual way of taking care of the bill is to do digital drawings and such for people on the internet, but the costumers have been lower than ever the past three months and I might have to sell my tablet just to try and reach the monthly bill.

Funding me will let me survive another three months and if going above my goal, put some food on the table.

Other way to help me, is if anyone would accept a non-danish speaking english guy to work in the weekend (Monday, wednesday and Friday he's at school)

He's been searching around A LOT, but has yet to have ANYONE interested in him, unfortunately. 

He's a mechanical engineer with history of 
storage houses
coding and improving the workplace
has worked in a pizza place

He just wants whatever he can find, aslong as it's on the weekends he gets to work. We're really desperate.

Thank you if you choose to fund me and help us out a bit. It means a whole lot. :(

Here's the link if you wish to support me…
Decided to take a break from all of the lore writing and overthinking. So I found some bases just to spend some time on for fun instead♥

Base used: -Removed-
Paws and legs practice
I didn't know how to pose and structure different types of legs.

I tried digitigrade legs and semi-planti.

Gotta thank my mentor for giving me a lesson on legs anatomy and guidelines, so I could practice and go further by myself. ♥
I am decent at drawing with a pencil by now, learning quick and steadily.

But I just cannot get my mindset to a tablet. The pencil feels weird, the tablet is a complete other place and worst of all, there's NO paper to turn.

Having to put down my tablet pen to get the mouse and then turn the sheet on my digital program, is so time consuming and annoying to me. I just cannot do it.

I really want to be able to get used to the tablet and learn how to do good with it, but Paint-tool sai is a complete new program to me aswell and so confusing.

I've been using gimp for YEARS and with a mouse. I use my computer mouse to line up my traditional lineart photographs.

Is there any tips and tricks to get used to all of these things?


My name is Reth. I go by either Rethy, Rethiona or Rethio.

I love expressing my ways in art.
Creativity, consentration and sharing what I have.

I've gone through some difficulties and I am only now getting back on my feet.

I would gladly make you a DP if that is what you wish for. (Furries only)

I love the guy in my life who you're going to see a LOT of pictures of in one big collection. ~I love you~

Friends, couples, single, you name it and I will do my best to satisfy your creative-needs.

I thank everyone for supporting me through the times and making it possible for me to grow older and live my life without stress and depression.

And to those who have just met me; Hello there. Thank you for commenting, liking, favouriting - just in all supporting my work. I am very greatful for that. So cheer for yourself and feel good, you're helping me.


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